Update: Authorities impose curfew on Gwoza as death toll rises

 JUN 29, 2024  #Casualties#Curfew#Gwoza

Lastest report from Gwoza Borno indicates that the number of people that have been confirmed killed following the triple explosion that rocked different locations in Gwoza has risen to 18 persons.

It is also believed that the figure is likely to rise higher as the day go by due to the fatality figure which is believed to be substantially very high, about a 50 or more.

Gwoza which is about 100km from Maiduguri was earlier today hit by a tripple explosions, and one by a female suicide bomber who detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) at one out of the triple locations during a big wedding ceremony today.

The female bomber actually targeted just one venue while other bombers were let loose on two other locations in the town which was filled to the brim for the well advertised celebration of the wedding of a driver in one of the Borno state non governmental organizations (NGOS).

However impeccable sources alleged that over 25 dead bodies may have been picked up from the three locations before the military shut down the council headquarters in with a curfew at dusk which kept residents indoors from late evenings on Saturday.

Several residents were also reported to have suffered several degrees of injuries and were first taken to the Gwoza general hospital before later being rushed to the specialist hospital Maiduguri.

Sources told Krestnews in Maiduguri that it was while sympathizers were going to bury the wedding guests that the second and third blasts happened injuring many others amounting to over fifty of them.

A survivor who spoke to security sources said that the bomber was carrying a baby on her back and behaved like a beger looking for food from the wedding that she stormed the venue and detonated the IED on the attendees.

The wedding which was that of a popular driver of a non governmental organization was held on Saturday in Gwoza not too far from Tashan Mararaba near the Fire Service center.

“The first bomb exploded around 4 pm today at Bakin Mararaba where bicycles are sold around the central market area.
While the second explosion took place at Hausari, at the scene of the funeral prayers of one of the victims.

“The number of dead persons were believed to be over 25 as at the time of writing this report but because the military cordoned the third patch of the explosion it was difficult for us to put the total figure together but we are waiting for the first light to know how many have perished but we are sure that several residents have been injured well over fifty were rushed to the general hospital to receive treatments today” said our source

Meanwhile, a top military source who preferred annonymity said both the military and other security agencies within the Operation Hadin Kai theatre have taken over the main streets of Gwoza and crevices of the council headquarters to avoid security lapses.

Borno State police spokesperson Daso Nahum confirmed the incident which occured at about 4pm Saturday in Gwoza.

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