Group Endorses Ban on Open Grazing in Nigeria

Group Endorses Ban on Open Grazing in Nigeria

The International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ Nigeria) has voiced its strong support for the Ban of Open Grazing and the Establishment of National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission Bill in Nigeria. This legislative proposal aims to regulate and manage ranches nationwide, providing a sustainable solution to the conflicts between farmers and herders.

In a recent press release, PSJ Nigeria highlighted the need for harmonious coexistence among Nigeria’s diverse cultures and religions. The persistent conflicts between farmers and herders have resulted in significant losses of life and property, posing a threat to national unity. PSJ Nigeria views the proposed bill as a crucial measure in addressing these conflicts and advancing its vision of a peaceful Nigeria where all communities can thrive together.

Sam Odeh, Program Manager for PSJ Nigeria, emphasized that transitioning from open grazing to ranching will lead to healthier meat and milk for Nigerian consumers, improve food safety standards, and create job opportunities. Odeh also pointed out that the open grazing system has rendered significant agricultural land uncultivable in central Nigeria, reducing food crop production. The proposed ban aims to optimize the use of agricultural lands and boost food production, which is essential for addressing food shortages and stabilizing the nation’s economy.

PSJ Nigeria also addressed concerns about opposition to the bill, emphasizing its belief that the establishment of ranches in pastoral states of origin would respect the rights and traditions of all Nigerians while promoting national harmony and development.

Given the escalating violent clashes and the displacement of citizens to IDP camps due to open grazing, PSJ Nigeria urges all Nigerians to support the bill, stating that this legislative measure is vital for fostering a peaceful, prosperous, and united Nigeria.

PSJ Nigeria calls on the Senate and the Federal Government to adopt this bill, emphasizing that it represents a significant step toward building a Nigeria where peace and justice prevail


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