Female Prison Officer Caught Having Sex With Inmate

A married female prison officer at HMP Wandsworth, a security correction centre in South London, United Kingdom, Linda De Sousa Abreu, is currently being prosecuted for having sex with a male inmate and recording it.

Footage of Linda De Sousa Abreu, 31, having full sex with a male inmate leaked on the internet and circulated widely till it got to the attention of the authorities.

The scandal broke out Saturday in MailOnline, a leading British publication.

The scandal has led to her losing her job as a prison officer in the South London jail. She is also facing prosecution.

The shocking footage shows Linda De Sousa Abreu entering the cell and engaging in romantic contact with the prisoner before pulling down her trousers, bending over and shifting her panties for the prisoner to have sex with her.

All of the activities are taking place in front of the prisoner’s roommate who excitedly makes comments as the duo carry on. He also appears to be the one filming the action.

Mobile phones are illegal in the prison but are sometimes smuggled in by visitors and corrupt staff.

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It is not clear if Linda provided the mobile phone used to film her romp with the prisoner, but it is a possibility the authorities will explore in light of a revelation by Linda’s sister that she enjoys kinky activities.

Her sister, Andreina, said Linda and her husband maintain an open relationship that allows them to have intimacy with other people.

Andreina also said that when she learnt that she had landed a job with the prison, she warned her not to mix her lifestyle with her work, a piece of advice she apparently ignored, which has now landed her in trouble.

She said Linda and her husband Nathan were stars of Channel 4’s Open House: The Great Sex Experiment in which couples pushed the boundaries of their relationships at a luxury country escape. It was shown last year.

And her sibling, who is a personal trainer from London, told MailOnline how she had to block fans of her sister from her own social media after the racy show. Linda is also believed to have an explicit OnlyFans account too.

Linda is seen wearing a uniform during the explicit clip, which begins with her performing a sex act on an unidentified prisoner at the Category A jail in south-west London.

The footage, which MailOnline understands to be recent, then shows her having sex with the prisoner while his cellmate films on a mobile phone. Footage of the cell shows a TV and piles of clothes heaped over a bunk bed.

The friend who is smoking while recording says: “Guys we’ve made history, this is what I’m telling you.

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